Can salvation survive the ‘shipwreck’ of faith? (1 Tim. 1:19).

Please take time to consider, because one can lose the possibility of salvation. To say one cannot, is to go against the warnings of Jesus Himself. Jesus made it abundantly clear that He is the vine. He exhorted the disciples to ‘abide’ (reside, remain, continue, stay) in Himself. He warned them what would happen if they did not. They would fail to produce fruit, be cut off, wither, be thrown in the fire and burned. The life is not in the branches but is drawn from the vine. The branches can only survive by retaining union with the vine (John 15:1-6) We, as human branches, have the free choice to remain in or depart from the True Vine. “Abide” means to ‘decide to stay’ – a command that loses all point if there is no alternative.

The believer does have eternal life (in Christ – the true vine) and yet does not have it (in himself), therefore he can lose it by not abiding in Christ. However, one day he will have it himself when he ‘puts on immortality’. Only then does it become a permanent possession.

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