Salvation in Jesus or in Churchanity?

Many times Jesus told the Pharisees, “Have you never read,” or “It is written.” But they preferred their traditions and positions over the word of God.

“Churchanity,” like the leaders of old, cling to its traditions rather than loving the truth of God. It exhibit a zeal for God, but such zeal is “not according to knowledge.” (Rom. 10:2)

Modern Christianity is centered largely on emotion and love for their traditions, which make the word of God of none effect (Mark 7:13). A vast majority of Christians might say that salvation is in Jesus alone, but they don’t really believe this. The proof is by their reaction, for they will go so far as to say you are disobeying the Scriptures (yet not stated which ones) if you do not make your physical appearance in worship services and give your allegiance to a corporate church organization. So salvation is not in Jesus alone, but one must also be bound to a religious organization and man-made traditions for salvation to be complete.

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