A Lost Soul

As Christians, because of our moral expectations, we tend to look so closely at a person’s conduct that we often forget there’s life going on inside that person’s heart, and in the case of this woman, a broken heart of a broken down sinner. No one needs to tell this woman she messed up, she knows it. She needs to meet Jesus and people like her will only see Him through our actions and our words.

Jesus wouldn’t yell at this women and shout “Repent you sinner – you deserve Hell!” Jesus said, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” As it is said, the wicked are miserable wanderers from God. They are lost to piety, to happiness, to heaven. Jesus came to save them (as well as us) by giving His own life a ransom, and shedding His own blood that they might be recovered and saved. It is the preaching of the cross.

See this video:


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