You Are Waiting For God To Clean Up Your Life?

hard timesThe flesh is not sinful by nature. It is sinful by application and we are the applicators. No one is born a sinner.

It’s interesting that a drug addict can stop his dependence on drugs without Christ, a drunkard can stop drinking himself drunk without Christ, a thief can stop stealing without Christ, a person addicted to pornography can stop it without Christ, etc., but yet people who profess to be Christians have to sit back and wait for God to “clean up their life,” as though they have no free will to make the right choices.

A person who is in bondage to indulgence is not a person incapable of choice, but rather a person who has made a series of choices resulting in surrender of his will to his lusts.

As with the drug addict, the thief, the liar, the person addicted to alcohol, etc., who say they can’t resist these temptations, often find new strength to do what they previously said they could not do. For example.  If the drunkard were told by his doctor that he only has six months to live if he keeps drinking, the drunkard suddenly has been empowered to overcome his bodily addiction.

What the unsave person teaches us is that when they make a successful choice not to yield to their temptation, he has not only confirmed that one can cease from his wrong choices, but also the power of free will. However, people who profess to be Christians excuse their sins by saying they have not yet been delivered from their “sinful nature.” They are constantly fighting this “mysterious other self,” waiting for God to deliver them, but of course this won’t happen until they die!

It is true that the influence of the God’s spirit draws us to Christ and conviction of sin, but God is not going clean up anyone. He wants us to do the cleaning – us to do the forsaking of sins. Some people may give up certain sins for selfish reasons, but only those whose hearts are turned to Christ in faith and repentance with an intelligence acceptance of the Gospel Kingdom message are abundantly pardoned from all sins they ever committed and declared righteous in eyes of God. Isa. 55:7; 1 John 3:7

Repentance is an attribute of authentic faith.


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