The Jezebel Code

This video seems to have stirred some questions.  Below are the answers Chip gives to some of those questions.

Q: In your video you said anyone who has ever attended church has come under the influence of Jezebel to one degree or another. Aren’t you painting every church with the same brush?

A:  If you go to a landfill you’re going to be influenced by the stink, and you’re going to take some of that stink with you when you leave.  The longer you stay in the stink, the more affected you will be, and the more you will affect others.  Eventually you’ll get so used to the stink that you won’t smell it anymore.  So the fact that some churches stink less than others does not change the fact that they are all influenced by the spirit of Jezebel to some degree. The fact that you think your church “isn’t like that” could really mean that you’ve just become impervious to its religious stench.  Jezebel still stinks to God and to people with discernment.  It also stinks to the world, who reject Christ on the basis of things said and done in His Name by the religious system.

Q:  What’s the difference between Jezebel and Babylon, or is it the same thing?

A:  From Scripture we discern that Jezebel is a spirit, while Babylon is a city (e.g., a powerful system).  You could say that Jezebel is the religious spirit that helps drive the religious system of Babylon.  Just as a city’s influence extends far beyond its borders, Jezebel’s reach extends well beyond Babylon, which explains why those who have stopped going to church can still be manipulated by this religious spirit without even realizing it.

Q: I always heard that Jezebel is a controlling female spirit that tries to manipulate the pastor.  True or false?

A:  It’s much bigger than that.  Jezebel runs the whole religious system and uses both men and women to perpetuate her seductions. It is a systemic, pervasive, all-encompassing seduction that’s bigger than any one church or denomination or group.  Just as Scripture predicted: once a little leaven was introduced, the whole lump became leavened. And although the religious spirit itself is neither male nor female, the epidemic of effeminate men and homosexual activity within the religious system’s leadership is a definite characteristic of Jezebel’s work.

Q: What does this have to do with your famous “Christ-centered teaching”?  What is so Christ-centered about bashing the church?

A:  Which “church” are you referring to – the True, or the False?  I am only repeating what Scripture has already warned us about: a counterfeit Bride who is really a Harlot will seduce many people in the last days by claiming to represent God.  Helping people get free from a religious spirit that lies, bewitches, distracts, and seduces them away from Christ is an obvious first step towards pointing them to Christ.

Q: What exactly can you “do” for someone under the influence of Jezebel?

A:  Assuming a person loves God and respects the Word of God, the first step is to simply show them what the Bible says.  That’s what this teaching is all about, and for those who really love Jesus, that is all you need to do – show them the truth and they will repent.  Those brazen enough to nullify the Word of God in order to defend their religious traditions cannot be helped, and won’t be helped, by this teaching.


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2 Responses to The Jezebel Code

  1. This guy is spot on…I know people under this spirit. We are thankful to have found a small gathering of like-minded believers who desire to be like the original Acts 2 “church”…..honestly, I had all but given up hope that it was possible, but these people are awesome and Jesus is their FIRST LOVE. He is bringing His TRUE church together as He brings them out from underneath the Jezebel spirit.

    • dividingword says:

      Hey sis!!!! I miss ya! Hope all is well with you. I was going through my phone book in my phone the other day and came across your number. I said to myself I would have to give you a call. Didn’t know if you were up to phone calls.

      I’m glad that you did not give up hope! 🙂 Praise God you were able to find like-minded believers. We’ll have to chat soon. Love ya!

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