Pleading the Blood of Jesus?

calvary-jesus_feet_nailedWhere is the practice of “pleading the blood” of Jesus found in Scripture? There seems to be a profound practice of manipulating God by “pleading the blood” of Christ. It seems that the blood is supposed to hold some magical formula. Do you need a new house? Plead the blood. Need a job? Plead the blood. Need to cast out a demon from someone? Plead the blood. Pray salvation for your loved ones? Plead the blood.

If pleading the blood of Jesus is so important, why do we not read this in Scripture or even its practice? Some even talk about the “covering of the blood,” and the “protection of the blood.”

“Pleading the blood of Jesus” has no basis in Scripture. Where does ‘pleading the blood’ guarantee us health, wealth, happiness, or even deliverance from demons? Where does it say doing such a thing will deliver us from just about every problem or situation we encounter in life?

This teaching of pleading the blood of Jesus is a heretical view of prayer. It has also taught that if one suffers from some kind of sickness or in sin, or faced with trials and persecutions, all they have to do is plead the blood of Jesus.

“Pleading the blood” has more to do with mysticism. “Pleading the blood” of Christ is not a magical formula for protection and power. Nor is it a formula for defeating the Devil. Defeating the Devil is by resisting him, by turning away from a life of sin and following Christ instead.

Some will say that our old hymns (such as: Are you Washed in the Blood? There is Power in the Blood, Nothing But the Blood) speak of the power of the blood of Christ. These hymns did not mean what it has been defined today since the Word of Faith movement.  The “blood” has nothing to do with the red blood cells of Christ, but is a synonym for His death.

We have this doctrine of Blood that is a very strange teaching. It has led people to believe that God Himself has blood, Divine blood. They get this from Acts 20:28. We know God is  Spirit and does not have blood. We do know the verse refers to Christ who shed His blood. (Rev. 5:9)

This teaching can also be traced back to the false doctrine of Original Sin (Total Depravity of Reformed theology). This explains to them why Jesus was sinless because He took His blood from His Father! This is pure Gnosticism. We are to believe that blood in itself is sinful (besides teaching the flesh is sinful as well). There is no such thing of inheriting sinful blood. My former pastor, from a Baptist denomination, tried to convince me that sin is in the DNA! From what I understand, this is also why Jehovah Witnesses will not accept blood transfusions because they believe sin is in the blood that can be passed onto them.

The Watchtower teaches,

“The blood in any person is in reality the person himself. It contains all the peculiarities of the individual from whence it comes. This includes hereditary taints, disease susceptibilities, poisons due to personal living, eating and drinking habits . . . The poisons that produce the impulse to commit suicide, murder, or steal are in the blood.” (Watchtower 9/15/1961, page 564)

Blood does not have any moral qualities. Sin is not a substance and it is not in the blood.

This doctrine of Original Sin is the foundation for all other major doctrines of the Bible. Take away the teaching of Original Sin, and people will have no foundation for the other major doctrines they embrace.


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4 Responses to Pleading the Blood of Jesus?

  1. Like your investigations:)

  2. All I see on this page is a share button also, I’m not that familiar with this blog thing? I mostly use facebook and youtube:):):)

  3. Phillip Coffey says:

    This seems to have a foundation it what the early doctors called leeching. Many of them felt that by inducing the blood to flow from the body, it would take the bad along with it. The reason we see this practice today is that too many people forget that we are in a spiritual battle. They insist on making it about flesh and blood. It is a lack of faith in my opinion. Look at what Jesus Himself told Thomas, “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29. Making it about the blood is like making baptism about the water.

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