Jesus Forgave Sins Therefore He is God?

It is taught that only God can forgive sins, therefore Jesus must be God.  When Jesus healed the paralytic and told him his sins were forgiven, the Pharisees accused Jesus of blaspheming and said, “Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

I was reading one website in defense of the Trinity and it said the following:

Jesus asked these experts in the law whether it was easier to say a man is forgiven or to tell a paralyzed man to rise and walk. Of course, Jesus refers, not to the ease of SAYING the words, but to the ability to make them come true. Had He simply healed the man, they would have been amazed but would not have recognized that He was God in the flesh.

He states at the end of the article concerning the Pharisees:

Hence, instead of accusing Jesus of blasphemy, these men ought to have recognized and honored Him as being from God.

Note the contradiction.  If Jesus is God, how can Jesus be from God?

He also states after trying to prove Jesus is God because of the miracles he did, states,

God would never immediately give Him the power to do such miracles.

Again, contradictions in speech that doesn’t make sense.  If Jesus is God, he got his power from God?  So what we have is that mankind should honor God because God gave power to God to show mankind that He is God?

The Pharisees were wrong and the trinitarian doctrine is wrong.

The simple fact is that God grants authority to forgive sins as he pleases. He granted this authority to His Son, and, furthermore, to the disciples.   Jesus told his disciples,

  “If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven.”

If the Pharisees were right that only God can forgive sins, then God, Jesus and the disciples were all God, because they all had the authority to forgive sins.

Those who hold to the Trinitarian belief have two alternatives.

1. They must stop trying to prove Jesus the Messiah is God because he had the authority to forgive sins.

2.  Or change their doctrine and also believe that the disciple are also God.



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