They never told me THIS in church!

“Over the centuries millions have died because their loyalty to the Bible precluded their acceptance of the unscriptural formulas of Nicea and Chalcedon. They could not accept the triune Being of ‘God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit’. As impressive as it might sound, it is not found in the Scriptures. If this Trinitarian formula created in the fourth century was of the Holy Spirit, why did it produce centuries of hatred and bloodshed? Why the ‘works of the flesh’ and not the ‘fruit of the Spirit’?”

“Can you imagine those early apostles and disciples of Jesus, those first Christians persecuting and threatening violence to any who refused their message? To ask the question is to give the answer. True, today those like Michael Servetus may not be tortured and killed by the church, (at least in the democratic West) but any who dare to ask questions and who do not toe the party line are nevertheless ostracized and are the victims of more subtle vilification.”

“It is time that we in the Church heard this other side of the story. The commonly held mainstream church view that opposition to the doctrine of the Trinity is confined to the ‘cults’ like the Jehovah’s Witnesses is just not true. This is a public myth.”

Excerpts from, “They never told me this in church!” by Greg Deuble

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They Never Told Me This in Church!


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