One God – Not Two, Not Three

There is utmost confusion among students of the Bible about who God is!
Some say He is three persons, some two, and others maintain that He is strictly One Person.

Apart from the massive power of tradition which tends to grip the minds of people, the problem could be solved in a few moments. Here is the solution.

Jesus is our authority. Which God did he serve? The answer is simple and clear and is found in Mark’s Gospel account, chapter twelve.

In verse 29 Jesus answered the question of a scribe (a theologian) by quoting the great foundational text of Israel. The nation was instructed about the true God:

“Hear, O Israel: THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD!” (Mark 12:29, quoted from Deut. 6:4).

Who is “the Lord our God”? No question: ONE LORD.

Now ONE LORD is ONE person, not two, not three!
We can prove that this is so.

Note first that the theologian, who was commended for his intelligence by Jesus (v. 34), affirmed what Jesus had said: “God is ONE and there is NO ONE ELSE BESIDES HIM.”

How many persons is God? Obviously ONE, not two, not three.

Secondly note that in verse 36 the discussion is about TWO LORDS, one of whom is God and the other is the Messiah Jesus: “The LORD [God] said to my [David’s] lord [the Messiah]…” (Ps. 110:1).

But remember. How many Lords make up the one God? “The Lord our God is ONE LORD” (Mark 12:29).

It is perfectly clear that God is ONE LORD. But in verse 36 there are TWO LORDS. Only one of these can be God, because God is ONE LORD (v. 29). That’s what Jesus said (v. 29). The second “lord” cannot be God, therefore. Rather, he is the Messiah (Christ), the “Lord Messiah” (Luke 2:11, and many many times in the NT Jesus is the Christ).

It is surprising that there should be any doubt about the Christian creed.

Jesus said plainly: “The Lord our God is ONE LORD” — not two or three as some believe.

It is time for believers to agree with Jesus about the most important question of all: Who God is.

Salvation is gained by obeying Jesus (John 3:36, Heb. 5:9 and many passages.

~Anthony F. Buzzard


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