The general teaching of the trinity involves the following:

cult symbol1. The Father is God.
2. The Son is God.
3. The Holy Spirit is God.
4. The Father is not the Son – the Son is not the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit is not the Father.
5.There is only one God.

If #1, #2, #3 and #5 are true then – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one entity. Yet this means that #4 cannot be true because the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are separate entities.  The average Christian seems to hold conflicting ideas in his mind about God and Jesus.

1. Jesus Christ is God
2. God is our Heavenly Father
3. Jesus Christ is not our Heavenly Father
4. There are not two Gods.

The inconsistency here doesn’t seem to have occurred to Trinitarian Bible students. If the Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God and each one is fully God, then it is logically impossible that there is only one God. This must make three Gods no matter how much Trinitarians try to redefine the word “person” or use non-biblical Greek or Latin terms in an attempt to explain this doctrine or to call it a mystery.

Some Trinitarians propose that Yahweh is made up of three persons and that in later history Yahweh was replaced by Jesus. This, then, makes Jesus all three persons i.e. the entire Trinity.


Professor of biblical studies Sir Anthony Buzzard noted that:

The Bible does not have the language to describe the Trinity. There is no word for “person” in the Trinitarian sense, as distinct from “being.” It would be like asking the Webster’s American Dictionary to tell you about Spanish words! The vocabulary of Person (hypostasis) and Being (Ousia) do not appear in the Bible, for God. The Bible as it stands could not describe the Trinity even if it wanted to! It does not have the right language. The Bible word for Person is NEPHESH (Heb.) and the Greekpsyche. God is said to be “one soul,” = one individual Person. He speaks of Himself as “My soul.” Every human individual uses the same language. So if God is not one Person, then we would not be able to prove that King David is one Person! You have to impose a foreign and nonsensical form of language on the Bible to make it Speak Trinity! Therefore to explain Trinity one has to be able to say (Erickson admits) “They is one” and “He are three.” So you have to break the rules of language and make up your own rules in order to force the Trinity language on the Bible. Unitarians assume only that “I” means “I” and not “I Three.” This is not an assumption it is demonstrable fact of biblical grammar and language.

By Raymond C. Faircloth


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