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Excerpts From Book

I thought I would share a couple of chapters from my book I have been working on.  At the time of my husband’s sudden death, I was refining the chapter “Are the Dead Really Dead?” Chapter 27 The Myth of … Continue reading

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But For the Grace of God Go I

Is this saying another way to blame God? One day I was reading the newspaper about a tragic accident that happened on I-95 where a six-year-old child was killed. The driver was the father who had a car load of … Continue reading

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The Christian Hope is Not Going to Heaven

The HOPE of the righteous is RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD. It is NOT the hope of “going to heaven,” for nowhere in scripture does it say heaven is our destination when we die no matter how this unbiblical teaching is … Continue reading

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Everything  Happens For a Reason?  It’s God’s Will and He is in Control?

I would like to discuss the first part of the title where we commonly hear that if something tragic happens or things are not going just right, that it all “happens for a reason.” There may be some of you … Continue reading

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What is the Gospel?

Many professing Christians cannot fully tell you what the Gospel is. It seems the only answer they can give is to quote 1 Cor. 15:1-4. “Now I make known to you brethren, the gospel which I preached to you, which … Continue reading

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Divorce and Remarriage

by Ramon Carroll What does the bible really teach about divorce and remarriage? There has been much division, condemnation, and speculation from many concerning this doctrine. What I will attempt to do is give a clear and precise teaching on … Continue reading

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Annihilation versus Eternal Torment: What Does the Bible Really Teach?

A very good article by JC Lamont For more information, please visit my website for: The Truth About Death and Hell A: Judaism has always held to annihilation for the wicked (kiluy neshama).  #1 – Old Testament God: The soul that sins, … Continue reading

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