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Worshipping Someone Does Not Make Them God

The majority of Christendom think that since Jesus was worshipped, this means he is God. They will also often refer to passage where Jesus says, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only” (Matt. 4: 10). Note … Continue reading

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Jesus Forgave Sins Therefore He is God?

It is taught that only God can forgive sins, therefore Jesus must be God.  When Jesus healed the paralytic and told him his sins were forgiven, the Pharisees accused Jesus of blaspheming and said, “Who can forgive sins but God … Continue reading

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Operating Procedures of Devils Before and After Calvary

Before Calvary, the devils were very busy.  The Bible explains their characteristics. They have personality and intelligence (Mark 1:23-25), they have ability to make decisions (Mat 12:43; Mat 12:44), have superhuman strength (Mark 5:4), they delight in “vexing” mankind (Luke … Continue reading


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Our Problem is Authoritarianism and Not Legalism

I used to think the problem in modern Christianity was legalism. I was wrong. I now see that some Christians flaunt their freedom and taunt their foes while other Christians consult their legal formulas and insult their libertine friends. One man’s freedom is another man’s … Continue reading

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The Abuse of Women to Keep Silent

Forgotten Huldah I put the story of Huldah up because God didn’t tell women to check their brains at the door or have men rule over their conscience and from voicing their proclamation of the whole counsel of God.  Contrary to … Continue reading

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INTRODUCTION The subject of “leadership in the church” is probably the most talked about, the most widespread, and perhaps the most distorted and lethal of all the twisted teachings that have been trumpeted down through the centuries inside the musty … Continue reading

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