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Which Baptism Saves?

Baptismal Regeneration? Before I begin, so there is no misunderstanding, nowhere in this article will you find that I say water baptism is not important.  Water baptism is important and everyone who comes to Jesus Christ in faith and repentance … Continue reading

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Babies Choosing Good Over Evil

When it comes to the false doctrine of Original Sin, also known as “Hereditary Total Depravity,” or “Born with a Sinful Nature,” we often hear this common response to try and support this ungodly doctrine that,  “No one has to teach a baby … Continue reading


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No One Is Born With A Sinful nature or Sinful Flesh

No one is born with a “sinful nature” or “sinful flesh.” Jesus was like Adam in every sense of the word. Jesus was flesh and blood – the second Adam, with the same passions and desires. Adam had every chance … Continue reading

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