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Men! Let My Daughters Go!

Before some men jump the gun, this has nothing to do with women being “Pastors/Shepherds,” or leading men down the road by their nose to destruction.  This has to do with letting women, filled with the Holy Spirit, function and … Continue reading

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Judging, Naming Names, and Satan’s Tactics.

Be careful when people try to convince us that it’s not our place to judge or name names against false teachers.  Satan twists the word of God (See Matt. 7:1-5 in context) to try and get the people to never … Continue reading

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Operating Procedures of Devils Before and After Calvary

Before Calvary, the devils were very busy.  The Bible explains their characteristics. They have personality and intelligence (Mark 1:23-25), they have ability to make decisions (Mat 12:43; Mat 12:44), have superhuman strength (Mark 5:4), they delight in “vexing” mankind (Luke … Continue reading


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Being Deceived

Who are the people trying to deceive if possible, even the elect?  Who are the ones who seek to “deceive the many?”   We read many times in the scriptures of false Christ’s, deceitful workers, false prophets, false brethren, deceivers, … Continue reading

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Deception always uses the TRUTH to deceive. Satan used it with Jesus, and Jesus came back with the word of God. God will not contradict Himself. Seek the whole counsel of God, not part of it. More later…

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