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The Trinity Doctrine is a Hoax.

The trinity doctrine is a hoax and said to be a mystery.  Yes, it certainly is a mystery by Mystery Babylon who has tried to make God what he is not. This ONE DOCTRINE makes the Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Lutherans, … Continue reading

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Jesus the Messiah had a Genesis

All of us had a beginning (genesis).  Genesis means “The coming into being of something; the origin.”  Its synonym is “beginning.” In Matthew 1:18, it talks about Jesus’ “birth”.  Though Jesus was in the mind/plan/purpose of God, Jesus the Messiah … Continue reading


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Have You Not Heard?

Most Christians are under the impression that what they have come to believe and accept as Christianity, is the same as what Jesus and the Apostles taught. This unfortunately is not the case. Greek philosophy, disastrously crept into the early … Continue reading

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