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Annihilation versus Eternal Torment: What Does the Bible Really Teach?

A very good article by JC Lamont For more information, please visit my website for: The Truth About Death and Hell A: Judaism has always held to annihilation for the wicked (kiluy neshama).  #1 – Old Testament God: The soul that sins, … Continue reading

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Unending Conscious Eternal Torment?

Why Can’t Words Mean What They Say? To someone of a different opinion, the folks who argue for unending conscious torment seem to have a strange habit of the meanings of words.  Here’s the complaint.  When the biblical authors talk … Continue reading

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Have You Not Heard?

Most Christians are under the impression that what they have come to believe and accept as Christianity, is the same as what Jesus and the Apostles taught. This unfortunately is not the case. Greek philosophy, disastrously crept into the early … Continue reading

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Safe Sins?

Those who teach Unconditional Eternal Security say that your sins separate you from God. BUT, when you accept Christ as your Savior, the sins you commit from that point on will NOT separate you from God! It’s interesting that the … Continue reading

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Stop Using Original Sin as an Excuse to Sin.

The excuse for sin all boils down to is the false teaching of Original Sin. People don’t realize this is the ROOT of the reformed teaching since the time of Augustine. People think they can sin and not die. The … Continue reading

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