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Is God the Cause of Natural Disasters?

The two pictures in this blog were taken from the recent storms in Oklahoma and has a very good message. I’m sure that the recent cluster of storms in Oklahoma that has devastated cities, there will be those will turn their fists to … Continue reading

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Faith Alone or Faith That Works?

One of the greatest enemies of true faith is “mental assent.”  Nowhere before Reformed theology became so popular was it ever taught that ‘faith alone’ was all one needed when discussing the matter of salvation.   Instead of positive judgment based … Continue reading

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Final Judgment Where Conduct Did Matter

Having my coffee and doing some thinking and searching.  I have been on a social medium called Facebook, and there seems to be a common thread that is always posted and it has to do with “moral conduct.” When talking … Continue reading

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Moral Exhortation

In God’s word there are many passages that give moral exhortation. This implies that the hearer has the ability to change his character and conduct. If this were not so, what would be the point in encouraging people to change … Continue reading

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