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The Mother Catholic Church and Her Prostestant Daughters

Many things done in the modern day church are not according to the New Testament pattern.  Those who call themselves “Christians” should want to go back to God’s original plan for his church.  Those who call themselves “Christian,” I cannot … Continue reading

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Why Do the Christians Rage?

Caution: Do not read any further if traditions are more important than Scriptural examples. Christians proclaim that the New Testament is their source and guidance for the Lord’s direction in their lives.  But yet, they nullify the word of God … Continue reading

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The “One Man Pastor” System is NOT in the Bible

by Andrew Strom. Most churches today are run using the ‘Senior Pastor’ model, where one man (almost always with a degree from Bible College) does most of the ministering and is looked up to as “the man of God”. Few … Continue reading

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