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Have You Resisted Unto Blood, Striving Against Sin?

Those who would defend sin often use Hebrews chapter 12 to prove that if you are under chastisement for your sins, then this confirms you are a child of God. One verse says: In your struggle against sin you have … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53:1-7

Isaiah 53:1-7 By my friend Jonathan Whitehead Undoubtedly, Isaiah 53 had a significant impact upon the hearts and minds of those who contributed to the production of the New Testament.  In fact, every student of the New Testament that takes the … Continue reading

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A Note To All The “Sinful Imperfectionists”

For all of you ”sinful imperfectionist” saints out there (notice the contradiction of terms?), what sin can’t you stop doing for the glory of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit? Or should I say, what sin WON’T … Continue reading

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