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Our Problem is Authoritarianism and Not Legalism

I used to think the problem in modern Christianity was legalism. I was wrong. I now see that some Christians flaunt their freedom and taunt their foes while other Christians consult their legal formulas and insult their libertine friends. One man’s freedom is another man’s … Continue reading

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Biblical Leadership – Then and Now

Have you seen it before?    Leaders who impose their own will on those that they think are “under“ them?  Whose wedding you may attend; what you may or may not wear whenever you come together with God’s family; whose and how … Continue reading

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Sins of Omission?

The following is one verse, among many, used to try and prove the false doctrine of unconditional eternal security. Have you read James 4:17?  Do you visit hospitals everyday? Do you feed the poor? Do you have any evil desires? … Continue reading

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