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Is Our Righteousness Really Filthy Rags?

A friend of mine said, “We may think we’ve come out of her, but if we are still carrying the false teachings of the denominations we left behind, we really haven’t separated ourselves.” This is so true.  This is one … Continue reading

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Babies: Those “Awful” Creatures!

by Wayne Jackson Christian Courier: Penpoints Monday, August 25, 2003 A frustrated father claims that babies are some of the most “awful” creatues on this earth. Why would someone make such an outlandish statement? Read this article and see. A … Continue reading

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Peter/Cephas Controversy

By Bryan Davis Many assume that the apostle Paul confronted the apostle Peter in Antioch regarding Peter’s apparent lack of straightforwardness with the gospel. It’s no wonder they think so, because the King James Version of the Bible says exactly … Continue reading

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