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Judging, Naming Names, and Satan’s Tactics.

Be careful when people try to convince us that it’s not our place to judge or name names against false teachers.  Satan twists the word of God (See Matt. 7:1-5 in context) to try and get the people to never … Continue reading

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Being Deceived

Who are the people trying to deceive if possible, even the elect?  Who are the ones who seek to “deceive the many?”   We read many times in the scriptures of false Christ’s, deceitful workers, false prophets, false brethren, deceivers, … Continue reading

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Charles Stanley – The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Charles Stanley, Who Is Your Master? By Dr. Charles F. Stanley This week’s topic: Freedom In Christ Charles Stanley: No man or woman is absolutely free.  Isn’t this week’s topic ‘Freedom in Christ’?  Charles Stanley: Romans 6:16 says we are the slaves … Continue reading


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