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Worshipping Someone Does Not Make Them God

The majority of Christendom think that since Jesus was worshipped, this means he is God. They will also often refer to passage where Jesus says, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only” (Matt. 4: 10). Note … Continue reading

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The following is from a Facebook friend named Cindy.  But I would like to share first that I have received emails by those who say they are having a hard time finding fellowship since they have been led to come … Continue reading

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Know the History of Our “Church Practice”

Every Sunday, “Christians” gather the family together, go to a church, sing, pray, often participate in responsive readings, give an offering, listen to a sermon by the pastor and after an hour or so, go home, believing they have worshiped … Continue reading

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God Does Not Dwell in a Temple Made with Hands

In the Old Testament, when God commanded the Tabernacle to be built, it was a place for God to dwell with the people. The people did not meet inside the Tabernacle. Only the priests entered the Tabernacle. The people met … Continue reading

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