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Have You Resisted Unto Blood, Striving Against Sin?

Those who would defend sin often use Hebrews chapter 12 to prove that if you are under chastisement for your sins, then this confirms you are a child of God. One verse says: In your struggle against sin you have … Continue reading

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Jesus Was Made Sin Because He Had the Same Flesh as Ours?

A person wrote that the original Christadelphians believe that Jesus “was made sin,”  that he was made in the “very same flesh as his brethren termed as “sin” and therefore destroyed sin in his own flesh…”  This is not really … Continue reading

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Literal Pre-existence?

The following is taken from Chapter 6 in my book, “Can We Handle The Truth?”  Literal Pre-existence?    Most churches argue for the literal pre-existence of Jesus. Pre-existence is defined as: “existence in a former state or previous to something else.” … Continue reading

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Can We Handle The Truth?

My book is now available on Amazon for anyone interested.  

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Excerpts From Book

I thought I would share a couple of chapters from my book I have been working on.  At the time of my husband’s sudden death, I was refining the chapter “Are the Dead Really Dead?” Chapter 27 The Myth of … Continue reading

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But For the Grace of God Go I

Is this saying another way to blame God? One day I was reading the newspaper about a tragic accident that happened on I-95 where a six-year-old child was killed. The driver was the father who had a car load of … Continue reading

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The Christian Hope is Not Going to Heaven

The HOPE of the righteous is RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD. It is NOT the hope of “going to heaven,” for nowhere in scripture does it say heaven is our destination when we die no matter how this unbiblical teaching is … Continue reading

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